Chocolate Mint Latte Recipe



  • 1 cup frothed oat milk
  • 2 shots espresso
  • 1 drop Peppermint
  • 1 tbsp dark chocolate chips


  • I place the chocolate chips in the bottom of my mug and let the hot espresso pour on top.
  • Stir until chocolate chips are melted.
  • Add one drop MAX peppermint oil into your oat milk before frothing.
  • Stick a toothpick into you Peppermint bottle and use it to stir your latte. That will be more than enough. Too much Peppermint will ruin it!
  • Add the oat milk froth into your chocolate espresso.
  • Stir and enjoy! You can add coconut whip cream and crushed candy canes pieces on top to be extra fancy. For vegan chocolate chips you can use the Enjoy Life brand.
  • The best vegan chocolate chips ever are the dark ones from Bernard Callebaut (if you happen to be near a shop definitely get some!). I prefer the Earth’s Own Oat Milk as a brand. I use the Double Espresso for this recipe.

Fun fact: Did you know one drop of Young Living’s Peppermint + essential oil is the equivalent of 28 cups of Peppermint Tea?

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