Young Living offers a large variety of diffusers.  My personal favorites are the Aria, Lustre and Lucia.  Diffusing essential oils has become such an integrated habit in our every-day life.  It used to be about making my house smell nice, but now it simply puts me in a better mood and I enjoy choosing different blends each day depending on my mood.

Aria Diffuser

The Aria is my favorite of all diffusers.  It comes in natural wood or white wood.  It’s a stunning piece of art and has many features.  You can play your phone through it, it has different light settings, plays spa-like music and it comes with a remote. 

Lustre Diffuser

The Lustre is another favorite of mine because I prefer glass or ceramic diffusers over plastic. This diffuser is a handcrafted blown-glass cover with soft white tones.  It’s beautiful in any room.  It has eight different light settings and runs 12 hours on the intermittent mode.

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