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I'm a born and raised small-town girl, turned city girl, but I'll always be a small-town girl at heart. I was taught the importance of supporting small local businesses at a young age, which is why I still love to support small businesses today. On Instagram, I discovered Done Salon from Niverville and was impressed with the products they offered along with the amazing Customer Service. I fell in love with Éminence products. A super clean line that smells amazing and works so well. If you're someone who has made the switch to natural products and miss the strong scent of "fragrance", then Éminence is for you. I had to check the label 172 times to make sure there was no fragrance, haha! Everything in this line of products smells incredible without having harmful, toxic fragrance as an ingredient.
Here are my top two Éminence items:
1- Sun Defence Minerals (sunscreen powder with a brush applicator-genius!)
2- Body Lotions (the Coconut one is my favorite)

You can buy their products from their online store.

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