Essential Oils & Diffusers


I started using essential oils in 2016 and never imagined it would transform the way we did things in our home. I would hear people talk about this 'oily lifestyle' and I honestly thought it was so strange because I really didn't understand it. At first, I assumed I would simply be diffusing essential oils to make my home smell nice. Very quickly, I started using essential oils topically to address skin issues, for headaches, coughs or colds, or simply to help calm myself or the kids. Shortly after, I started making my own products- creams, rollers, cleaners, hair products . . . Several months down the road, it simply became a habit to immediately see if there was an essential oil we could use for any type of issue in our home! To this day, my kids immediately go to our essential oil shelves if they get hurt, aren't feeling 100% or accidentally got sharpie on the floor - lol. That oily lifestyle people use to talk about no longer seems bizarre, it has become our reality.

Three Ways To Use Essential Oils


Safety of Essential Oils

Difuser Blends

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