How to Order

Instructions On How To Place An Order


***Tip: Screenshot these instructions this way you have them handy as when you're placing your first order.***

1. Go to my Virtual Office.
2. You can skip the page with the bundle options by scrolling down to the bottom and clicking continue.
3. Fill out your personal info (only the spaces with stars are needed). Ignore the tax and SIN part, that’s only for businesses.
4. That’s it! You can place a one time “Shop”order or a monthly Essential Rewards order.
5. If you’re planning on placing a big order, I highly recommend joining this Monthly program because you’ll get free items- it’s free to join and free to opt-out of this program at anytime, even the following day if you choose to.
If you have any more questions or need more assistance, call or text 204-510-1500.

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