Kale Chips Recipe

Kale Chips


  • 🥬 wash the kale
  • 🥬remove the stems
  • 🥬 rip them into chip size pieces
  • 🥬massage them with olive or avocado oil
  • 🥬lay them flat on a pan
  • 🥬sprinkle with Himalayan or sea salt
  • 🥬bake at 425 until the edges start to brown (about 10-15 mins)
  • 🥬Enjoy!


  • Make sure you don’t overbake, otherwise they’ll just taste burnt and bitter. 
  • You can always bake them again if they’re soggy when they cool. 
  • Sometimes I have leftovers and I pop them in the oven the following day to crisp them up again. While baking I find the kale on the edges cook faster.  
  • I remove them as they’re baked and place them in a bowl.  
  • This way I’m sure all kale chips are perfectly baked.  THE KEY TO PERFECT KALE CHIPS IS TO MASSAGE THE OIL INTO THE KALE LEAVES!!!