Mental Health and Educational Support


We are very open about mental health in our home and often have conversations around this.  I've shared a lot on social media about our personal journey in our family and provided resources for those who may be needing them.  I am not an expert by any means, but have experience with children who battle anxiety and who have struggled with academics at school, not only as a parent but also as a teacher.  I believe it's important to normalize mental health, which is why I share about it.  I also believe it's important to talk about learning difficulties because the majority of people at some point in their life will find something challenging and this is absolutely normal.  No one should ever feel ashamed about this.  Below are some resources I've shared over the years.  Some of these we have personally used, others I have heard great things about.

Robyn Priest LIVE YOUR TRUTH, is a mental health and peer support education and strategy firm. All programs are designed and delivered by people with their own experience of living with a mental health issue, or a family member of someone living with a mental health issue.

They also offer free online support for the community during Covid-19 through their site.

Peace of Mind Therapy is where we do Equine Therapy with our child. Other therapy services are also available on their site.

Manitoba Mood Disorders are also offering free resources and support to members of our community. Find out more about it on their site.


Let's talk about Mental Health. Particularly, Postpartum Depression. I found the Postpartum stage so challenging all the way until my babies were nearing two years of age. I struggled with Postpartum Depression and wish I had more resources at my fingertips when I was going through it. I'm so grateful to have connected with Carli Rossall and I hope sharing this resource will help someone, even if it's one person. Please read the details in the image on the left or head to If you know someone who could benefit from this information, please pass this along.