MLM Education

I am passionate about MLM (Multilevel Marketing also known as Network Marketing or Direct Sales).  MLM is a powerful business model that opens the door to opportunity, especially for women.  Unfortunately, some people still associate MLM with "pyramid schemes".  I find this so incredibly disheartening and this is why I like to educate people about MLMs.
First off, pyramid schemes are ILLEGAL.  Young Living, for example, has been around since 1994.  If it were a "pyramid scheme", it would no longer exist.  The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) will shut down a company that operates unethically.  In Young Living, over 90% of customers have never sold any product.  We are a product-first company, this is why 90% of customers simply buy the product and never sell it.  If a company had a higher percentage of brand partners compared to customers, it would be questionable and it would eventually be shut down by the FTC.
Below you can find resources on how to grow your MLM business using social media.

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