Safety of Essential Oils


Not all essential oils are equal.  You can find them just about anywhere these days and it’s extremely important to be very cautious when choosing a brand of essential oils to use in your home around the ones you love.  I think it’s obvious that I love and most trust Young Living as a brand. I encourage you to do your own research and choose accordingly.  I trust Young Living’s Seed to Seal Commitment and have had the opportunity to visit some of their farms and experience production first hand.


Pure essential oils are extremely potent and you should dilute them with a carrier before using topically for the first time.  You should also test a small area on your forearm.  Carrier oils are fatty oils, such as coconut oil, almond oils, olive oil, grapeseed oil . . .  Young Living also has their own V-6 Vegetable Complex as a carrier oil, this is the one I use. I suggest using one drop of essential oil with half a teaspoon of carrier oil to start. You can move lessen the carrier oil from there or add more drops of essential oil.  I’ve added a dilution chart for kids below as well.  Keep in mind, you can also purchase essential oils specifically for children, the Kidscents, that are already pre-diluted.

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