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Over time, I have started taking better care of my skin.  Young Living offers a few different lines of skin care products.  Bloom and Art are two skin care lines I have used over the past five years and I honestly feel my skin feels and looks healthy.  Skin-care products are a very personal to individuals as we all have different skin types.  I highly recommend both these lines for normal to oily or dry skin.  I've tried many different skin care lines over the years and the truth is, the Bloom and Art lines are my favourites. I mostly use the Bloom line but occasionally switch to the Art line to change it up every now and then. Keep scrolling to learn more.

I’ve been using the Bloom Skin-care line since April 20th, 2020. Prior to this, I used the Art Skin-care line, which I also loved. With age, I think it becomes more and more important to take care of my skin. Bloom is suppose to help even out your skin tone. I felt this would be a good switch for me as I’m in the sun a lot in the summer and I get a ton of “freckles” aka “age spots” which essentially is damage. At first, I didn’t think there was a difference in my skin as I simply am more tanned in June than I was in April. Then I looked back at pictures of me last year and realized I had SO much more skin damage (sun spots, freckles, age spots whatever you want to call them -lol). I added a picture of myself in July last year with full makeup and you can clearly see a ton of “freckles” even with makeup. I’ve also been in the sun MUCH more this year as we’ve been at the cottage throughout Covid and outdoors most days. I’m actually quite impressed with my results. I don’t think I look “better” using this skin-care line, I simply think it’s a “healthier” option for my skin. It’s not about achieving results that will make me look younger or better, it’s just taking care of my skin in a healthy way. Everyone’s results will vary. I’ve seen many other results that were similar to mine.


The Essence and Brightening Lotions are my fave. I no longer use the Cleanser, I only consistently used it during my trial (I’m too lazy -lol). The Bloom lotion is made with incredible natural ingredients (pili pulp oil is an example). It helps moisturize the skin, while antioxidants help minimize the appearance of future damage. The pili pulp oil is sourced directly from the Happy Pili Tree Farm and Distillery in the Philippines.

To give you an idea as to how long these products will last you...

I used the lotion twice a day from April 20th to August 2nd when I ran out. One bottle lasted me over three months.

The essence I’ve been using twice a day since April 20th and I still have almost half a bottle left! It will easily last me six months.

The cleanser I stopped using June 20th and I still have a ton left, much more than half a bottle.

*Before and after images shown above were submitted by Young Living independent members who are compensated by Young Living under the Young Living compensation plan. Photos unmodified by Young Living. No separate payment was made for the use of these products or submission of these images. With all images shown here, no claims are made that the results are typical. Results vary by individual user, frequency of application. Results cannot be guaranteed.

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